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  • Gaza Emergency Appeal

    Gaza has experienced escalating tensions resulting in further loss of life. Sadly, women and children are amongst those who have been killed.


  • Syria Emergency Appeal

    The news coming from Eastern Ghouta is one of despair, death and destruction. In the suburb of Damascus, intense mortar attacks and bombings are wiping out the surrounding population.


  • Myanmar Emergency Appeal

    The suffering of the mainly Muslim Community of Rakhine State, has escalated with unfathomable violence besieging the community in Myanmar and neighbouring areas.


  • Monsoon Emergency Appeal

    Flash flooding and abnormally heavy rainfall are bringing fresh disaster to thousands of Rohingya in Bangladesh and Myanmar.


  • Gaza Emergency Appeal

  • Syria Emergency Appeal

  • Myanmar Emergency Appeal

  • Monsoon Emergency Appeal

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  • Suicide bomb blast in Somalia kills six people and closes Muslim Aid's TB clinic
    Suicide bomb blast in Somalia kills six people and...

    A  car bomb which rammed into a district government office  on Monday 10 September  in Mogadishu, Somalia , and  kill ed  six people, also damaged the clinic  next door  run by Muslim Aid, hampering important humanitarian work. Muslim Aid’s…

    Idlib crisis response
    Idlib crisis response

    Muslim Aid is on the ground in Idlib, Syria. With the escalation of violence looking more likely, we will be scaling up our existing emergency response, through our three partners on the ground. Muslim Aid has worked within Syria, as well as on the borders, since the beginning of the…

  • This winter share the love

    Last year, we asked each and every person to join us to help those who are cold, hungry and in desperate need across the world.   We called on our supporters to come forward and unite to save lives around the world – and right here in the UK – at winter.  …

    Gaza Emergency Appeal
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  • Child Sponsorship
    Rainbow Family

    Welcome to our family. We support over 5,000 children and their communities across 17 countries in Europe, …

  • General Water Fund
    General Water Fund

    Water is a source of life, yet over 1/6th of the world’s population lack access to safe drinking wate…

  • UK Development Programmes
    UK Development Programmes

    Muslim Aid is committed to initiating and supporting development within the UK. We are continuously delivering …


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