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In the last few days, Gaza has experienced increased tensions resulting in violent clashes and further loss of life. Sadly, women and children are amongst those who have been killed. 

Muslim Aid has been working on the ground with our partners in Gaza since 2006. We have provided emergency and long-term relief that counts towards saving and changing lives.

Your donations have enabled us to: 

-          Address malnutrition in children and the elderly.
-          Provide an education for the children of Gaza and refurbish educational institutions.
-          Deliver Livelihoods programmes empowering Gazans to rebuild their lives.
-          Support neo-natal clinics for babies.
-          Child sponsorship supporting more than 1,400 orphan and vulnerable children.
-          Trauma counselling and support for those affected by war and conflict.

As we anticipate the holy month of Ramadan, thousands of people in Gaza are facing one of the most challenging times yet. We urgently need your help to ease their suffering and continue saving lives. 

Your support can allow us to respond by helping to pay for emergency food and vital medical supplies.

The people of Gaza are counting on you.
Please donate now.

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