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Maternal & Child Healthcare

Could provide mothers and new borns with life-saving healthcare

Across Lebanon, in areas of extreme poverty and within refugee camps, the health of hundreds of pregnant women, new mothers and tiny babies are at risk. 

Malnutrition and poor primary healthcare have increased the risks to women in pregnancy and childbirth. A severe lack of paediatric care means that babies are born in dangerous conditions, hungry and struggling to survive from their very first breath.

You can save them and feel amazing this Ramadan. 

Your support and generosity can help us to protect women and their babies from:   

  • Life-threatening conditions in pregnancy 
  • Dangerous childbirth experiences 
  • Increased risk of miscarriage and stillbirth 
  • Malnourishment and preventable infections and disease 

Do something amazing this Ramadan. Save the lives of women and children.

Our Syrian Refugee Healthcare Appeal will help 650 women and over 2000 children receive the aid that they desperately need.  

Feel amazing this Ramadan knowing your Zakat is helping those in need. 

Save their lives and Donate Now or call 020 7377 4200

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