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Syria Emergency

The Syrian people have lived through 10 years of war and relentless violence. Much of the country is under rubble. Poverty-stricken and desperate, Covid-19 is relentlessly spreading across the country. The lives of over 11 million Syrians, in need of humanitarian aid, hangs in the balance. Donate to Syria now.

Since December 2019, nearly 700,000 people have been displaced from their homes due to increased violence and rising tensions in the north-west of Syria. Idlib is under siege, and needs your urgent help. Your donation could save lives. 

Syria Emergency Appeal 

The war in Syria has been raging relentlessly for 10 years and has claimed the lives of over 200,000 people. There are over 6 million people currently displaced inside Syria. With a broken health system, a collapsed economy and demolished infrastructure winter in Syria is often described as a living hell. 

The people of Syria have endured many years of deadly winters, now the spread of Coronavirus will only make things worse. 

Throughout Syria, unexploded mines remain hidden beneath the ground. When these mines go off, they cause catastrophic damage, cutting so deep into the body that limbs must be amputated. Like 11 year old Ahmed , who whilst in Syria, was playing with his friends. He saw something metallic buried in the ground and like any curious child, he went to explore. He pressed on it with his foot, and the sudden explosion caused horrific trauma to his legs and face. Ahmed lost both eyes, and one of his legs below the knee.

£167 Give to our Prosthetic Limb Fund, to provide limb to maimed Syrians.

£360 Provides Major Eye Surgery for Syrian patients with serious eye injuries and complications.

£500 Provides half a ½ Share of Complete Prosthetic Limb.

£1000 Provides a complete prosthetic limb.

£5000 Provides 5 complete prosthetic limbs.

£11300 Sponsors Hope Step Hospital in Syria treating more than 30 patients.

Syria is hurting, but your support could provide prosthetic limbs and major eye surgery to children and adults inside Syria and in to Syrian refugees in Turkey.

Thanks to your donations, both Ahmed and his sister, and many more like them, will be receiving a prosthetic leg, giving them improved mobility and a sense of their own independence. Ahmed has aspirations for a brighter future. He wants to be a teacher so he can help other blind children, Insha’Allah. Since the inception of this project, thousands of people have received a prosthetic limb, giving them back a measure of dignity and their self-sufficiency. The support being provided to the victims of the Syrian conflict is more than just a medical intervention. It gives hope. It is an answer to the prayers of parents. In the last remaining days of Ramadan, give hope and answer a prayer.

Donate now.

Funds raised from this emergency will go towards the global emergency appeal, supporting this emergency as well as many others across the globe. Thank you for your contributions and for helping us to save lives in Syria.

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