Yemeni Refugees in Somalia

Since the start of the 2015 Yemen conflict, families have been escaping the war-torn country in search of safety and for basic provisions, like food and shelter. 

With 80% of the Yemeni population in desperate need, thousands have made long and dangerous journeys to neighbouring countries, like Somalia – which is facing a huge crisis of its own.

The escaping refugees are mainly made up of women and children, including Somalian refugees, who originally left Somalia decades ago because of war. 

Yemen was a safe haven for Somalian refugees, but now these same refugees have had to make a complete U-turn and risk their lives returning back to a country they once escaped from. 

They are now at even more risk as rains in Somalia have not fallen again this year, leaving the country with a severe water shortage and on the brink of another catastrophic famine. 

This means that many surviving refugees are left with no other option but to live in makeshift tents and be wholly dependent on humanitarian aid.

The problem is that this crisis hasn’t gained any media attention and, with the world not knowing their struggle, very little aid is getting through to these desperate people.

Help is needed straight away so please show your support and feed those facing starvation.

£600 could support 10 families for a month

£1,200 could support 20 families for a month 

£2,400 could support 40 families for a month

£27,000 could support an entire camp for a month (450 families) 

Muslim Aid is working in these camps, where we’ve even implemented an innovative e-voucher system. This system helps give dignity back to the refugees by letting them choose what food they need, so they can make their chosen food last even longer.

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