Bangladesh Emergency Appeal

“We heard the screams of people under the collapsed building...the screams of people looking for their loved ones. We’ve seen people waiting in the same spot for more than one week to hear news of their relatives. It is unbearable - the country has never seen something like this.”

-Md. Iqbal Ahmed, Muslim Aid Bangladesh

More than 500 have been confirmed dead after the collapse of an eight story garment factory building in Bangladesh and the death toll still rises. Over 2,500 are seriously injured, and hundreds are still unaccounted for.

Hundreds of families will now struggle, after losing their main bread winners.

Muslim Aid is currently on the ground delivering emergency items, including first aid hygiene kits, torch lights, food and water for thousands of injured people.

As the rescue operation continues, we still need your support to continue helping those injured, and to provide further medical items, such as wheelchairs and prosthetic limbs. We are also implementing income generation projects to support families economically and help them overcome their loss and financial struggle.

Just £100 will help a family of 5 to move forward with their lives and £50 will provide those injured with the required medical assistance.

Please donate now to give your support to a desperate situation.

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