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Europe Refugee Crisis

Europe Refugee Crisis

Conflicts across the world have caused a surge in refugees fleeing persecution, violence and abject poverty to Europe in unprecedented numbers. Without the necessary infrastructure or systems in place to accept them, they have been left to suffer or forced to make further dangerous journeys in which they risk their lives.

These families, predominantly from across the Middle East and Africa, have uprooted their lives out of desperation in the simple hope of finding a safe place to live. Many have already died, with thousands more at risk each week.

Muslim Aid is deploying teams to affected regions to determine the scale of the humanitarian need in the region.

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  • 19 Oct 2015 update Europe Refugees Need Your Support

    Since the start of the refugee crisis in Europe, Muslim Aid Sweden (MAS) has been at the forefront of emergency relief for people in desperate need of food, water and shelter. MAS has been helping hundreds of refugees coming from a number of countries such as Eritrea, Syria, Sudan, Iraq and Afghanistan. Most recently, MAS partnered with Refugees Welcome Stockholm, a voluntary run organization that have set up a camp for refugees and providing them with medicine, food and shelter. MAS provided two hot meals per day for three days for 400 refugees. They also gave 50 inflatable mattresses for refugees living at the camp organised by Refugees Welcome Stockholm .

    Further partnerships with Sweden’s well known charity for the homeless – Stockholms Stadsmission, means MAS will be providing hot dinners for refugees untill the end of this year for up to 90 people, including women and children.

    MAS in partnership with Stockholms Stadsmission, is also offering an interpretation service for refugees at railway stations and at the refugee location who need guidance and are unable to communicate in Swedish. A number of volunteers are at hand at the railways stations where all refugees arrive and then sent to different shelters. MA is currently offering translators in Arabic, Farsi and Kurdish to help assist people with information.

    Further plans are underway for MA to co-fund for the provision of a mini-bus in order to transport refugees from the station to the camps and health clinics.

    On average MA has been reaching up 250 refugees daily with assistance. MA Sweden has started an emergency campaign for refugee crisis. If you would like to show your support, please donate now.


    Europe Refugees Need Your Support
    • Europe Refugees Need Your Support
  • 17 Sep 2015 update Europe Refugee Crisis Update

    Muslim Aid Sweden has been assisting refugees as they arrive in Stockholm.  Many families and individuals are settling here while a number of them are en route to Finland and other Nordic countries. The team has distributed food and water to refugees at railways stations. Muslim Aid will be partnering with Central Masjid in Stockholm to distribute cooked meals for over 500 refugees on Eid Ul-Adha. They will also distribute Eid gifts to children. Muslim Aid are currently undertaking a needs assessment to see how they can help refugees entering Europe with assistance. 

    Europe Refugee Crisis Update
    • Europe Refugee Crisis Update
  • 11 Sep 2015 update Syria, ongoing help continues

    Since 2011 we’ve been supporting Syrians in desperate need of help. Our emergency aid for Syria continues.

    In 2014 alone, we delivered food, non-food essentials, hygiene items, educational support, cash assistance and food vouchers to over 37,000 people suffering within Syria and refugees living in camps in neighbouring Jordan and Lebanon.

    We are continually providing food and non-food items to ensure Syrians are not forgotten amidst new and increasing global conflict.

    Last year, alongside our partners, we started the Beity Orphanage on the Turkish border. This was made possible by all the generous donors who supported the project last Ramadan. Home to 100 orphans affected by the crisis, the orphanage provides them with shelter, food, education and psychological support needed for a child to grow up feeling safe and loved.

    "I want to open an orphanage and teach kids how to love one another."

    Fatma, 10 years old is a refugee recently orphaned from the conflict in Syria. She lives at the Beity Orphanage and finally feels at home to be among people who love and nurture her.