Gaza Water Plant

The situation in Gaza:

An open air prison – that’s how the UN describes the conditions of Gaza today. In a 365 km² area where almost two million people live, the lack of basic services remains a key humanitarian concern.

The Israeli blockade, added to several years of conflict, has made 80% of the people living in the area rely on external aid for survival. Due to the restrictions imposed by Israeli authorities in Gaza,

  • 96% of water in the area is unsafe for human consumption, causing life threatening diseases
  • Only 4 hours of energy is available daily
  • The economy is devastated and farmers can't irrigate their land, reducing the already small amount of food available
  • Healthcare services are very limited and medicines are extremely scarce

How are your donations helping?

  • Clean water

46,000 people have gained access to clean water since the beginning of 2018.

Our water cleaning stations are fully solar powered and are installed in schools, kindergartens and health centres, allowing children and other people in need to access more than 250,000 litres of safe drinking water every day. 

  • Food

Over 2,650 families will benefit from food assistance and livelihood support until March 2019.

During Ramadan, Muslim Aid fed more than 3,000 people, and our Qurbani project has just reached another 1,250 families in need. 

We are also supporting 140 local farmers to restart production and distribute food to over 1,000 families who don't have access to any.

  • Medical and healthcare services

This year, our projects are helping approximately 15,000 people, including new-born babies at risk, children coping with conflict trauma and people injured during the demonstrations that have been taking place since March.

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