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Iran-Iraq Earthquake Emergency Appeal

Iran-Iraq Earthquake Emergency Appeal

On Sunday 12th November, an enormous earthquake struck the Iran-Iraq border causing multiple deaths and scenes of widespread devastation. 

  • Over 380 have already died with the figure rising.
  • Over 1700 injured and maimed.
  • 70,000 made homeless and in need of shelter and aid.

Striking without warning, many families were at home preparing and eating dinner when buildings began to shake and came crashing down in terrifying scenes. 

Measuring 7.4 on the Richter Scale and only 14 miles deep, the earthquake was shallow and hugely powerful, causing severe damage and destroying the towns within the region.  

The western province of Kermanshah has been badly affected with Sarpol-e Zahab in Iran obliterated. Across the border in Iraq, Halabja has been devastated and in the capital of Baghdad, many areas were reduced to rubble in minutes.

Aftershocks continue to plague the area, contributing to the rising number of fatalities. Landslides in this mountainous area are of real concern. 

Those injured and maimed are without medical care as hospitals lie in ruins and power is out in many areas. 

Many people are trapped and in desperate need of rescue. Bodies lie buried underneath rubble, families torn apart in an instant.  

This is an emergency appeal.

Our staff and partners are working in the area to rescue those caught up in the horror, deliver life-saving aid and shelter. 

Thousands have been affected and remain at real risk in one of the worst natural disasters in recent years. 

In treacherous, dangerous conditions, our teams are doing all they can to save lives.

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Emergency Pack £100 

Can provide food, utensils, winter clothing and medical support   

Rations Pack £60 

Can provide food for a family of 5 for one a month.