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Iraq Emergency Appeal

Iraq Emergency Appeal

The ongoing conflict in Iraq is now focused in Mosul, where a humanitarian catastrophe is unravelling and escalating with each day that passes.

Constant bombardment, a lack of food and water and damaged infrastructure are the devastating results of this conflict. Thousands have escaped the unimaginable conditions in Mosul, many risking their lives doing so, with a further 1 million expected to flee.

Muslim Aid is at the forefront of the humanitarian response in Iraq, having already established a camp in the Salah-Al-Din province to support displaced families and rehabilitated the Shaqlawa collective centre which serves displaced families. We are also providing water and sanitation facilities, essential items for hygiene and living, and access to electricity and communal kitchens.

Additionally, Muslim Aid is providing food to 33,000 displaced families, providing easy-to-eat food parcels to a further 2,000 displaced families and preparing essential humanitarian items for an additional 12,000 families who are expected.

Those arriving in the camp risking their lives, have already endured suffering beyond our imagination, and are now confronting the bitterly cold winter months.

We are providing a lifeline to families in desperate need, but so much more needs to be done. Muslim Aid is tirelessly working to reach those most affected; we urgently need your help to achieve this arduous task. 

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