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Iraq Emergency Appeal

Three children, alone with bombs exploding around them

After the father of these three children (was murdered, their mother tried to evacuate them to a safe place, but she was shot. The children were taken by a family friend to a shelter, but it was in a dangerous area of Mosul. The friend could not stay with them, so the children were alone for over 24 hours in the shelter, with bombs and shooting all around them. When Muslim Aid’s evacuation team found them, they were hungry and exhausted, crying with fear. The team gave them water and biscuits and a team member took all three to his home in West Mosul to recuperate.  

“Children are often used as bait, to lure Iraqi army or people who just want to help out on to the streets,” explains Ahmed Kareem, who heads up Muslim Aid’s food, water and evacuation teams. “The children will be left on the side of the road, and snipers wait for someone to come along and try to help them, then they shoot the helper.”