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Past campaigns

Philippines Typhoon Emergency Appeal

We provided people with food, shelter, clothes and medical packs

Typhoons ravaged the area, bringing further death and destruction to people who had recently escaped war.

Philippines Typhoon Emergency Appeal

In a couple of days, terrifying, extreme weather hit the Philippines, sweeping away entire areas.

Over 200 people, including many children, lost their lives in ferocious tropical storms. Many more were reported missing, swept away in flash flooding. Marawi and surrounding areas, recently liberated from war, had been badly affected by typhoons. Tents and shelters of people already displaced from their homes, were destroyed.

Approximately 21,208 families were vulnerable and desperate, battling to survive in raging weather conditions. Mudslides and flooding continued to blight the area bringing serious risk of death to people who had no shelter or protection.

Our aid teams worked with UN and local partners in the area to rescue those affected by the savage weather. Your donations helped us rescue those in need and bring them to safety.

Your donations helped us provide:

  • Emergency food aid
  • Shelter
  • Clothes
  • Medical packs