The UN estimates that 11 million people have been affected

The UN estimates that 11 million people have been affected by the super typhoon, and other reports place the number of displaced victims at 673,000. The death toll now stands at over 2300, with that number expected to rise. Meanwhile, the effort to reach remote areas and bury the dead in mass graves is underway.

The situation is hugely desperate, and many areas have descended into chaos following the death and destruction of the storm. The lack of food, clean water and shelter has led to widespread violence, looting and protesting. The destruction of prisons by the storm has contributed to the civil unrest, as many prisoners are now at large and unaccounted for.

In response, a curfew has now been imposed from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am. Communications and transport in the affected areas are still greatly staggered; however, an evacuation of survivors has begun. Muslim Aid is now on the ground, assessing the situation and reaching out to local partners and charities in order to carry out the most effective plan of action. We are working around the clock to raise funds and channel support to where it is needed most.

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