South Asia floods emergency - Your help is needed now

Devastating floods in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh have already claimed over 450 lives and displaced over one million people.  Huge swathes of farmland have been destroyed and homes have been swept away in the worst flooding the region has seen in 50 years. 

Lives are still at risk, with many people now homeless, without food and clean water. There is still the threat of further rain and flooding, and many of the survivors are at risk of disease and malnutrition.

In Pakistan alone, over 20 districts have been affected by the flooding, and it is expected that over 250,000 people will be in danger. In India, around 700,000 people have been left stranded, where many areas are still under water and lines of communication are cut off. Areas of northern Bangladesh have also experienced severe flooding since mid-August; where close to 60,000 families have been marooned by the devastation.

The flooding has wreaked havoc to lives and destroyed infrastructure, stranding many survivors in areas that are without electricity and basic supplies.

It is vital that we act fast to save lives. Muslim Aid is on the ground working to provide emergency aid to those affected, including food, shelter and medical supplies.

By donating £45, you can provide enough food to feed a family for one month

By donating £100, you can provide an emergency shelter (tent) for one family, including a water filtration system.

Whoever removes from a Believer a hardship from the hardships of this life (the dunya),

Allah (God) will remove from him a hardship from the hardships of the Day of Judgment” – (Muslim)

With your help, we can reach out to those in desperately in need. Please donate generously.

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