Syria & Yemen Emergency

The need for support to Yemen and Syria is greater than it has ever been.

Scarcity of food, a lack of access to healthcare, clean water and shelter are the devastating result of the ongoing conflicts with millions now at risk of starvation and in need of immediate support. Currently 14.4 million people in Yemen face food insecurity as the country is on the brink of a famine, while 13.5 million in Syria are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.    

Muslim Aid has implemented vital life supporting aid to support those affected by both conflicts:

Muslim Aid on the ground:     


  • 14,500 affected people provided with food and clean drinking water  
  • Further 10,000 received non-food items, food and clean drinking water


  • £2million support to hospital for vital medical supplies and day-to-day running costs
  • 27,000 food and non-food items such as food, winter items, hygiene kits and vital access to clean water
  •  Funding to 5 primary schools
  • Assistance to over 252,000 refugees
  • Muslim Aid staff and partners on the ground in Aleppo, Adlib and other parts of the country  

We desperately need you to respond now. Your donations will enable us to act immediately; providing vital, life-saving support to those in desperate need

Muslim Aid serving humanity since 1985. Please donate now.

Your donation provides:

£60 for a food pack - Donate Now

£100 for a Emergency medical aid pack - Donate Now

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