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Beyti (My home) for Syrian refugee children


The civil war in Syria which started in 2011

Over 3 million people have fled to their neighbouring countries which include Turkey Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq

Around 1.7 million registered Syrian refugees in Turkey out of which 20.8%, approximately 360,000 are children below 11 years old of age

Muslim Aid is helping to build and run an orphanage called Beyti for the children under the age of 10 years. This orphanage is situated in Turkey and provides security and opportunity to have a normal live to children who have no parental or carer support.

Children are sent to schools in the surrounding areas of the orphanage

They are assigned a carer inside Beyti to support their education

They are given psychological treatments for relief from their sorrow and pain

Beyti provides clean water for bath, hot and healthy meals for nourishment, clean clothes and most importantly toys

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