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Emergency response in Jordan for Syrian Refugees


As the Syrian conflict is enters its fifth year, Muslim Aid is continuing to support the Syrian refugees in Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and internally displaced people in Syria. The Syrian conflict continues to intensify and spill across the region, while the magnitude of the humanitarian crisis is staggering. Close to 12 million people have fled from their homes, with 3.2 million in neighbouring countries, putting an increasing strain on host communities and their governments. 200,000 have lost their lives since March 2011.

In response, MA and its partners have been working to address the crisis. MA’s field offices in Jordan, Lebanon and its humanitarian partners in Syria, means its response is timely and effective. MA Jordan has been delivering, through phases-  food, water, clothes and blankets to refugees living in camps. MA Field Officer, Sahar Abdulfattah works on the ground with refugees and said: MA Jordan has been helping the Syrian refugees since the conflict started in 2011. In the past two years aid for refugees has been reduced in Jordan. Yet the suffering of the Syrians have not lessened. The number of Syrian refugees in Jordan has reached 1.3 million. Their presence affects the lives of the local Jordanians, as Jordan is a poor country with no resources. We need to help more by providing greater assistance.”

In Jordan, some 21,400 Syrians had registered with UNHCR as of June 2012. This figure has increased as Muslim Aid expand their outreach efforts and level of assistance to Syrians. Refugees are finding life tough as they battle unemployment and the adversity that comes from living in camps. Many families are struggling to feed their children: Male Syrians are not allowed to work in Jordan unless they have a work permit which is extremely expensive to obtain, so their children are working as they don’t need permits. This is the only way to survive but it also means they loose out on an education,” Said Sahar.

To ensure and encourage children enrol and stay in school, MA Jordan delivered school kits to around 5,000 Syrian refugee children in 2014. In 2015 MA Jordan delivered, in coordination with UNHCR, warm clothing to 6,500 refugees including women and children living in camps and surrounding vulnerable areas. 

MA Jordan has recently distributed 3,100 food packs to refugees which contain essentials such as rice, sugar, oil, milk powder, lentils, frozen poultry and meat for example. These food packs last for one month and can feed a family of up to eight people. Many of the refugees live in informal tent settlements in Amman and the outskirts such as Alzarqa, Almafraq, Aldhleil, Alsalt.  MA Jordan has reached around 21,700 vulnerable people recently.

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