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Muslim Aid has been involved in relief work for over two decades, reaching out to the most desolate and remote places in order to provide life-saving aid to those in need. It is because of this devotion and dedication to our work that we have now established visible presence in over 70 countries. 

The Syria Relief Aid Campaign is our most recent project and no doubt one of the most challenging ones we have faced so far. Syria, a once relatively peaceful country is now in a state of complete turmoil and chaos. The alarming rate at which the crisis unfolded and then worsened caught many relief aid agencies off guard. Yet, Muslim Aid has managed to remain at the forefront not only at the borders but also working within Syria to get aid to the stranded Syrian citizens.

Syria Charity Accomplishments

As always, our valued donors and followers have not let us down. We received an overwhelming response from hundreds of thousands of people. The donations came pouring in and we went to work. With the pledges that we received, Muslim Aid was able to:

  • Provide housing for 2100 Syrian families who sought refuge in the northern and eastern parts of Lebanon.
  • Distribute blankets and sanitary items to an additional 500 families to help them cope with the winter season in Lebanon.
  • Build two full-fledged clinics in Al-Ramtha and Al-Mafraq along the Jordan border to cater to the medical needs of Syrian refugees. They were provided with quality medical care, vaccinations for new-born babies and maternity wards for pregnant women.
  • Spread its relief aid campaign on the other side of the border inside Syria. Muslim Aid worked with various organisations and partners on the ground for providing invaluable aid to Syrian people who, due to circumstances beyond their control, had to stay behind and bear the brunt of the tragedy.
  • Provided hygiene packs to over 3,500 families. An additional 3,000 got a month’s food supply package.

Help Syria Now!

There is still a lot of work that needs to be done. The Syria crisis has been officially named the worst humanitarian disaster in the last 20 years. Hundreds of thousands of Syrians are reaching the borders of Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt every day. The majority of them have left everything they owned behind and have nothing but the clothes on their backs. They need food. They need clothing. They need medical care. They need a place to stay at least until the crisis ends, which at the moment is nowhere in sight.

The people of Syria need your help. Muslim Aid urges all readers to extend their help. We have sufficient hands to get aid to the right people. What we need, is donations from valued donors like yourself. Donate to Muslim Aid’s Syria Relief Campaign today. 

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