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The situation in Aleppo is worsening by the day


“Bombing is still taking place on the infrastructure, (hospitals, bakeries, schools, water supplies) and Aleppo is semi-besieged and so people cannot leave the city easily.” 

Our partners are on the ground and distributing emergency aid to the hundreds of people caught in the conflict. This once beautiful city is devastated with many innocent people killed and injured in bomb and rocket attacks.  Homes, schools and hospitals lie in ruins and rubble.

Emergency appeal update.

Our dedicated, tireless aid teams can provide:

  • Much-needed medical attention to treat those with serious injuries and illness,
  • Fuel for Hospitals to run on emergency generators and bakeries to provide bread for families,
  • Food packs to families who are starving and who have lost everything.

We urgently need more aid to reach the increasing number of children, women and men in the city of Aleppo. Please donate today to help us save lives and ease their suffering.

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