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Current Emergencies

Worldwide floods emergency

Right now floods are causing chaos!

Worldwide floods emergency

Right now floods are causing chaos

In Bangladesh, Sierra Leone, Nepal and India homes are underwater, mudslides have killed hundreds and the risk of infection and disease is ever present.

South Asia needs your help – now

Severe monsoon rains in August have brought severe flooding to Bangladesh, Nepal and India. Across the region 16 million people have been affected. More than a third of Bangladesh and Nepal are covered in water and four states in northern India are also suffering heavy flooding.

Bangladesh has been the worst hit, with nearly 4 million people affected as heavy rains have caused rivers to burst their banks. In northern India hundreds of people have died and 400,000 have lost their homes, and much of lowland Nepal lies under water. The death toll is rising each day.

  • Thousands of families have been forced from their homes,
  • Railways and roads are underwater
  • Crops have been destroyed.

Mudslides kill hundreds in Sierra Leone

At least 300 people have been killed and hundreds more lie buried under the rubble and mud.

  • Approximately 600 people are still missing or presumed dead, trapped beneath the rubble.
  • The risk of outbreak of disease is high in unsanitary conditions, further affected by heavy rains.

Your help is urgently needed now.

You can help by donating with Muslim Aid.

Your donation can buy:

  • Sanitation equipment
  • Hygiene kits
  • Food packs for families
  • Shelter

Time really is of the essence. Please donate now.

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