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Gaza Water Plant

An open air prison – that’s how the UN describe the conditions of Gaza today.  With humanitarian aid being restricted to the Gaza Strip, Muslim Aid’s amazing water plant project is primed to help the people of Gaza in the most unique way. 

Due to the restrictions being placed on Gaza, the water infrastructure in Gaza has become polluted to such an extent that the water is causing life threatening, water borne diseases to the local community.   Combined with the lack of electricity (1 hour a day) existing water purification machines are being rendered useless.

Our NEW water stations are using cutting edge technology which uses solar power to fully power the process of taking dirty, dangerous water and providing safe clean water to the people of Gaza.  By donating towards a water station and giving sadaqah jariah you can leave behind a legacy and save lives in Gaza.  What’s more, your donation will be doubled by our partners so every pound you give will go twice as far in saving lives.

£150 –  provides water for a family for 1 year.

Clean, safe drinking water.

£850 – 1 Tap in Gaza Water station.

The water station will be placed in a communal area serving over 100 families.

£10,200 – Entire Water Station.

Solar powered and placed in densely populated area, the station will provide 24 hour access to clean drinking water.