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Frequently Asked Questions

What are we doing?
We are currently working with various local registered partner organisations to deliver emergency food aid to affected families. We work with them on a regular basis throughout the year in order to support us on delivering aid  particularly during emergencies and facilitating development programmes. 

What are the key areas of work we do in Palestine or have done? How long have we been working in Palestine?
Muslim Aid has been working in Gaza for over 10 years.

How do you intend to get aid in?
We intend to get aid into Gaza  through our partners  who are internationally recognise and signed  MoU with us. We are using the standard channels in order to ensure  quality delivery of our projects, especially during periods of emergencies. We assure that as long as the right procedures are followed, aid can be delivered.

Are there any guarantees that we can get the aid in and do we have issues getting aid in?
We are in daily contact with our local partners inside Gaza, who are currently implementing Muslim Aid emergency projects (food & house hold utensils distribution). In coming days, we will be responding to other needs on ground through our partner and representative


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