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Muslim Aid Supplies Medical Attention

With over 10,000 people injured in the recent violence in Gaza, Muslim Aid are carrying out an urgent distribution of medical supplies with our partners on the ground.  In partnership with Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP), an organisation with over 20 years experience in the region, we are providing over £100,000 in aid to help with the running of Gaza’s desperately under-resourced hospitals.  In coordination with the Ministry of Health, we are providing drugs, medical equipment and sanitary essentials like medical gloves and needles for Gaza’s main hospitals. With this effort, we will reach around 10,000 of those affected by the conflict.

This distribution of medical aid will help sustain and boost the life-saving work that is going on, particularly as many of the hospitals are under-resourced and stretched.  The situation in Gaza is such that at one point, 28% of essential medicines were at zero stock and another 16% had less than 12 weeks’ supply. We are working hard to alleviate this dire situation, and it is thanks to your donations that this vital work is possible.

We are constantly monitoring the humanitarian situation and are working with our partners on the ground to deliver aid where it is most needed.

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