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Palestine Appeal

Muslim Aid is launching an appeal for the Palestinians in response to the hardship and challenges that they are facing in the Middle-East region.

The economy of Palestine is now described as typical of a war-torn economy with a sharp deterioration of household incomes. Over 2 million Palestinians living in Palestine are living below the poverty line of US$2 per day. Food security is the first priority for Palestinian households with education being highly valued and significant as a way for future generations to escape poverty .

In order to mitigate the risk of a humanitarian crisis, we are calling for support to help us implement the following programmes:

Education: Through education, children can improve their future livelihood and reduce their vulnerability to poverty. This programme aims to provide essential school kits to poor students, such as school bags and uniforms, as well as educational support and training.

Food: Unemployment rate for Palestinians reaches 75% in some parts of the Middle-East. Hence, securing food is a challenge to each household. This programme will provide food to support vulnerable families during the month of Ramadan and Qurbani.

Long-term development: Projects include healthcare, income generation and skills training. We want to provide support to Palestinians inside and outside of Palestine in the Middle-East region. Projects will be implemented through our field representatives in Lebanon and Iraq as well as through a well established network of local partners who meet Muslim Aid’s assessment standards.

Muslim Aid has been engaged and continues to deliver humanitarian and developmental assistance in Palestine for over two decades helping hundreds of thousands of Palestinians to support themselves and thus gain their self respect and human dignity.

Please help us to help them.

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