UK Winter Campaign

We are also working right here in the UK. 

Although our programmes deliver aid all year round, we understand how much more dangerous winter can be for those in need: the difference between life and death. 

“Be merciful to those on the earth, so the One above the heavens will be merciful to you.” 

 - The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him), Al Tabarani.

Across the UK, Thousands are, fighting off the cold each and every day and night to survive on the streets.

Elderly people are struggling to keep warm and parents are missing meals due to the rising costs of living and rising unemployment.

Your donations helped us:

  • Feed the hungry and homeless with our Food Drive programme through food banks, and soup kitchens 

  • Distribute essential items to those surviving on the streets through our Rucksack Challenge

  • Install radiator reflectors and drought excluders for the elderly and vulnerable through our Winter Kit distributions

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