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The Complete Muslim Aid Zakat Guide

Muslim Aid is proud to present you with our brand new Zakat guide. This guide has been approved and checked by the Al Qalam Foundation, which is an advisory panel of expert religious scholars from across the four schools of Islamic jurisprudence.

In this simple and informative guide, you will find answers to common questions about Zakat, including:

  • What is Zakat?
  • Who has to pay Zakat?
  • When is Zakat Due?
  • Is Zakat payable on personal loans?
  • How much Zakat is due on Gold and Silver?

This Ramadan, we have also engaged an expert in-house Zakat specialist who will be available to answer your queries. If you have any questions relating to Zakat, or for step-by-step assistance with your calculations, simply give us a call on 020 7377 4200. Our call centre will also be open 24 hours.

Zakat Guide

Zakat Guide
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