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Syria Emergency Appeal


Syria Emergency Appeal

Syria Critical Emergency Appeal

We are now witnessing one of the most horrific and deadly chapters of the six year conflict in Syria. A suspected chemical attack has killed over 100 men, women and children, with over 800 critically injured and in desperate need of medical attention.

The death toll is expected to rise dramatically over coming days while the suffering continues.

Muslim Aid’s partner on the ground is providing emergency treatment to those affected. So far, we have:

-          Established a field hospital in Idlib

-          Washed and treated skin affected by the gas

-          Administered antidotes

-          Safely destroyed, and replaced, affected clothing

We are providing further treatment to those in need through our long-term, jointly-funded hospital in Syria. 

Our partners are on the ground working round the clock to deliver life-saving emergency aid, but we simply cannot continue without your help. 

Immediate response


Clothes, food, and temporary bed

Emergency lifesaving pack



Gas mask, water truck, blanket, oxygen, towel

Help us to save lives.

Act Now

They are counting on us.

At Muslim Aid, we can't sit back and do nothing. Help us to deliver much needed aid by donating now to our emergency appeal.

  • 21 Feb 2018 update Syria Emergency Appeal

    The news coming from Eastern Ghouta is one of despair, death and destruction. In the suburb of Damascus, intense mortar attacks and bombings are wiping out the surrounding population.

    In the last two days alone, hundreds have been killed in one the worst bombing attacks since 2013. 

    The fighting is continuing with no sign of ceasefire.

    • More than 300 people killed so far.
    • Over 60 children have lost their lives in catastrophic conditions.
    • Seven hospitals hit by air strikes and wholly or partially destroyed.
    • The highest 48-hour death toll since 2013.
    • Over 700 killed in the area in the last 3 months.

    The death toll is rising by the hour.

    The UN has warned that the situation in Syria is "spiralling out of control". Childrens' agency UNICEF has condemned the killings in Eastern Ghouta and issued a blank statement stating "We no longer have the words to describe children's suffering and our outrage.”

    Witnesses and victims report buildings tumbling around them. Bodies lie in the streets and people call out from the destruction in pain and fear, dying from horrific injuries sustained in the attacks. Children are being pulled from the rubble, their lungs full of dust and sand.

    This isn’t a horror movie. This is happening in our world right NOW.

    Do something. Donate now.

    Muslim Aid has responded. Our partners are rescuing people and providing emergency assistance.

    Resources such as food and medical care are scarce and placing more people at risk.

    But in treacherous conditions of ongoing danger and violence, our partners will continue to save lives.

    Donate to our Emergency Appeal today.

    You can help us save their lives:

    £60 can provide for food and clean water to a devastated family

    £100 can provide blankets shelter and medical aid

    Call 020 7377 4200 or donate online  now. 

  • 16 May 2016 update The situation in Aleppo is worsening by the day

    “Bombing is still taking place on the infrastructure, (hospitals, bakeries, schools, water supplies) and Aleppo is semi-besieged and so people cannot leave the city easily.” 

    Our partners are on the ground and distributing emergency aid to the hundreds of people caught in the conflict. This once beautiful city is devastated with many innocent people killed and injured in bomb and rocket attacks.  Homes, schools and hospitals lie in ruins and rubble.

    Emergency appeal update.

    Our dedicated, tireless aid teams can provide:

    • Much-needed medical attention to treat those with serious injuries and illness,
    • Fuel for Hospitals to run on emergency generators and bakeries to provide bread for families,
    • Food packs to families who are starving and who have lost everything.

    We urgently need more aid to reach the increasing number of children, women and men in the city of Aleppo. Please donate today to help us save lives and ease their suffering.

  • 3 May 2016 update Air Strikes in Aleppo

    Syria’s largest city is home to over 2 million people with an estimated 400,000 caught up in the danger areas. Over 250 people, including many women and children, have been killed in the last 2 weeks alone, taking the total killed in the Syrian conflict since 2011, to over 270,000.

    In the last few days, air strikes have maimed and murdered hundreds of innocent civilians, placing the city into a state of emergency. For the first time in Aleppo’s history, Friday prayers have been cancelled for the safety of the people. Hospitals, schools and homes lie in ruins.

    In the face of such violence and cruelty, the people of Aleppo need not only emergency aid but also to know that we will never give up on them. We need you to show them that our efforts for peace, compassion and humanity will endure and never falter.

    Muslim Aid is on the ground in Syria delivering food packs and emergency aid to people who are victims of air strikes, rocket and horrific barrel bombs. With devastating injuries, demolished homes, a severe lack of food and sanitation; their situation is dire and without help, will only get worse.

  • 16 Mar 2016 update Emergency response in Jordan for Syrian Refugees

    As the Syrian conflict is enters its fifth year, Muslim Aid is continuing to support the Syrian refugees in Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and internally displaced people in Syria. The Syrian conflict continues to intensify and spill across the region, while the magnitude of the humanitarian crisis is staggering. Close to 12 million people have fled from their homes, with 3.2 million in neighbouring countries, putting an increasing strain on host communities and their governments. 200,000 have lost their lives since March 2011.

    In response, MA and its partners have been working to address the crisis. MA’s field offices in Jordan, Lebanon and its humanitarian partners in Syria, means its response is timely and effective. MA Jordan has been delivering, through phases-  food, water, clothes and blankets to refugees living in camps. MA Field Officer, Sahar Abdulfattah works on the ground with refugees and said: MA Jordan has been helping the Syrian refugees since the conflict started in 2011. In the past two years aid for refugees has been reduced in Jordan. Yet the suffering of the Syrians have not lessened. The number of Syrian refugees in Jordan has reached 1.3 million. Their presence affects the lives of the local Jordanians, as Jordan is a poor country with no resources. We need to help more by providing greater assistance.”

    In Jordan, some 21,400 Syrians had registered with UNHCR as of June 2012. This figure has increased as Muslim Aid expand their outreach efforts and level of assistance to Syrians. Refugees are finding life tough as they battle unemployment and the adversity that comes from living in camps. Many families are struggling to feed their children: Male Syrians are not allowed to work in Jordan unless they have a work permit which is extremely expensive to obtain, so their children are working as they don’t need permits. This is the only way to survive but it also means they loose out on an education,” Said Sahar.

    To ensure and encourage children enrol and stay in school, MA Jordan delivered school kits to around 5,000 Syrian refugee children in 2014. In 2015 MA Jordan delivered, in coordination with UNHCR, warm clothing to 6,500 refugees including women and children living in camps and surrounding vulnerable areas. 

    MA Jordan has recently distributed 3,100 food packs to refugees which contain essentials such as rice, sugar, oil, milk powder, lentils, frozen poultry and meat for example. These food packs last for one month and can feed a family of up to eight people. Many of the refugees live in informal tent settlements in Amman and the outskirts such as Alzarqa, Almafraq, Aldhleil, Alsalt.  MA Jordan has reached around 21,700 vulnerable people recently.

    Emergency response in Jordan for Syrian Refugees
    • Emergency response in Jordan for Syrian Refugees
    • Emergency response in Jordan for Syrian Refugees
    • Emergency response in Jordan for Syrian Refugees
  • 25 Sep 2015 update Qurbani Distribution 2015

    Muslim Aid distributed Qurbani meat to war affected communities in Aleppo, Syria, last Qurbani. Around 3,938 people were given Qurbani meat. 

    Qurbani Distribution 2015
    • Qurbani Distribution 2015
    • Qurbani Distribution 2015
    • Qurbani Distribution 2015