Syria – Prosthetic limbs clinic

In the depths of destruction and conflict, there is a place of sanctuary and hope.

Help us to help the people of Syria walk again.

As a result of the war in Syria, millions of people have fled the country or are internally displaced.  Of the millions internally displaced, over 30,000 Syrians have lost limbs due to airstrikes, shelling or mines and illnesses.  Muslim Aid is supporting a prosthetics clinic in southern Turkey and one inside Syia as well as a factory in Syria which produces the prosthetic limbs within two hours of placing an order.

On average, Muslim Aid accomodates approximately 60 patients a month at the prosthetics clinic and provides most of them with prosthetic limbs.

Saif al-din Ali Akta (pictured) is a seven year old boy who had the lower part of both his legs blown off in a missile attack which killed his brother and sister.  Saif al-din is not able to move himself around on his stumps.Saif al-din’s mother, Mana, now 33, had to leave her home in Aleppo without any preparation, because of the siege. She and her four children fled in the direction of the Turkish border, but on the way a missile struck them, which killed her 13-year-old daughter and five year old son. Saif al-din’s eldest brother, now 18, also survived but lost one leg from the hip down. Mana still suffers from pain caused by shrapnel wounds in her legs.  

Muslim Aid has successfully been able to provide Saif al Din with prosthetic legs.  “We are giving Saif al-din practice on his prosthetics by luring him with sweets or drinks, to make him walk a little way,” says Dr Rayid al-Musri from the hospital. “He has to be very careful not to wear them for too long until his body is used to them, it’s not easy to walk with one prosthetic, and it’s extremely difficult with two.” 

How you can help

With your help we will be able to provide prosthetic limbs to those who have lost an essential part of their mobility. 

With your help, we can literally save lives.

£150 – Provides 1 prosthetic limb
Provides comprehensive treatment, laser scans, custom build prosthetic limb and physiotherapy

£300 – Provides 1 share of the limb production facility
A Sadaqah Jariyah donation, this machine can create a prosthetic limb within 2 hours resulting in many more people receiving life changing treatment

£750 –Provides 5 prosthetic limbs
Provides comprehensive treatment, laser scans, custom build prosthetic limb and physiotherapy for 5 limbs

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