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Clean water for villagers in Indonesia brings joy

Muslim Aid Indonesia smooths the progress of wells construction for the villagers living in Loyok and Gelora village. Four units of well built at a location which will serve 412 residents and people visiting the mosques and students studying in madrassas.

In addition to the wells, Muslim Aid Indonesia has also provided facilities such as water pump, water tank, waste absorption device and pipes to promote essential hygiene practices and combat water-borne diseases. 

People enjoying clean water after the completion of the water well.
People enjoying clean water after the completion of the water well.

Muslim Aid Also constructed six wells in four villages of PungKuran, Patalan, Kepuh and Serayan in Bantul, Yogyakarta.

Before the construction of the wells, the villagers used to travel long distances to their neighbouring villages to fetch water for their daily use.  Now they have access to fresh clean water and this facility has given them independence to satisfy their needs of clean water as well as take care of their personal hygiene