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Child Sponsorship Case Studies

Child Sponsorship Case Studies

  • Bosnia


    Lejla was one of the first children to be enrolled under the Rainbow Family Programme in 2007. She was just two years old when her father died in the war in Bosnia. Her mother struggled as…

  • Gaza


    Aseel is from Gaza. At nine years old, she’s witnessed three wars and the loss of her father, who died from cancer.        Her mother struggled to pay rent…

  • Sayuti in Indonesia


    Sayuti from Aceh Besar was orphaned at the age of 6 years. Since the death of his parents he has been living in the care of his grandparents. Sayuti is 14 years old now and has been…

  • Abdel Kafe in Sudan


    9 year old Abdel Kafe from Khartoum was orphaned at the age of 3 when his father died from liver disease. Since the death of his father, Abdel Kafe, his mother and four siblings have been…

  • Aimal

    11 year old Aimal from Kabul, Afghanistan lost both of his parents and is being looked after by his elderly grandmother who is unable to work. Aimal used to work cleaning houses.…

  • Ramatu in Sierra Leone

    Sierra Leone

    “I want to be a Nurse" 15 year old Ramatu from Sierra Leone wants to be a nurse. Yet she hasn’t always had the aspiration to dream to go to school and join the medical…

  • South Africa

    South Africa

    After losing her father in 2003, life was turned upside down for Ashura, who had already spent much of her childhood living with 20 other people in a cramped three bedroom flat in…

  • Cambodia

    Before being sponsored by the Rainbow Family, the family had no income.  Faizaz is now 14 years old, goes to school and is a happy teenager who is coping well with her disability.…