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11 year old Husna from Jalalabad, Afghanistan was orphaned at the age of 8.  Husna’s mother struggled to provide for her 6 children with her small income from sewing.  Husna could not go to school, as her mother could not afford to give her an education.

Whilst under the care of the Rainbow Family programme, Husna was able to re-enrol at school.

Husna said: “When I was sick a few months ago, I had nobody to take care of me, but one person from the Rainbow Family team took me to the hospital and the doctor checked me and said that I have tuberculosis. If I don't take medicines regularly I will lose my life. I took the medication regularly and I got well again, so I am proud of the Rainbow Family and it really means a lot to me”.

Husna would like to become a doctor and stand on her own feet. She believes she can reach that goal with continual support from Muslim Aid  and her sponsor.

Husna in Afghanistan
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