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Sagor became an orphan 3 months before he was born.  His mother Josna had to bear undescribable suffering to bring up her child as a single parent. With no income, the family survived on handouts and sympathy. Sagor had no future and getting an education was not an option for a struggling family.

In 2009 a neighbour who knew about Muslim Aid recommended that Sagor’s mother seek help through Muslim Aid’s Rainbow Family programme.   Through the sponsorship programme, Muslim Aid has been able to provide all the necessities that Sagor’s mother once struggled to provide.  He now benefits from education, healthcare, clothing, food and emotional support through mentoring.

Under the supervision of the Rainbow Family Programme, Sagor is excelling in his studies, he now has high hopes of becoming a teacher. Sagor and his mother have had their life turned around from misery to one of hope and aspiration- all of which has been made possible by a regular donation from Sagor’s sponsor.

Sagor in Bangladesh
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