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South Africa

South Africa
Ashura in South Africa

After losing her father in 2003, life was turned upside down for Ashura, who had already spent much of her childhood living with 20 other people in a cramped three bedroom flat in Johannesburg. Having been quite close to her father, the trauma of losing him was quite unbearable. It often brought her to tears as she struggled to come to terms with her loss. For Ashura's mother, the death of her husband added an even greater weight to her daily struggle to make ends meet.

The strain of the situation affected her high blood pressure and for Ashura it meant dropping out of school due to depression.

Ashura in now 14 years old, and thanks to sponsorship through Muslim Aid's Rainbow Family Programme she receives the vital support needed to go to school and get her life back on track. The dire financial situation of her family has been eased by the provision of daily travel costs and lunch for Ashura. She is once again able to laugh and play with the other children at school. Her teachers speak highly of Ashura and her record of good grades at school is the sign of a promising future.

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