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What we do


Rainbow Family

What does Sponsorship Provide?

Your regular sponsorship will change the life of a child, bringing them hope, happiness and a brighter future.  Here’s how your donation can make the difference:

  1. Education: Proving school fees, uniform, learning materials, transport and any other educational needs means that the child you sponsor can have a future.

  2. Food and Clothing: Children are usually forced to earn money in order to feed themselves and their family, preventing them from going to school or learning. Muslim Aid recognises this and offers basic needs (food, clothing and shelter) along with education. Because no child should have to go hungry.  

  3. Medical care: A life free from disease is the right of every child.  Through Muslim Aid, your money will provide access to medical care and resources to ensure they can enjoy good health, strength - and the boundless energy they should have for a life rich in opportunity.

  4. Emotional support: In some countries and regions where there is war or trauma, children can be in dire need of psychological support. This service is offered with trained professionals who work with the child to help increase their self-esteem, provide encouragement and help the child to establish a positive attitude towards education. This type of support ensures retention, transition and completion of primary and secondary education.