Journey of Soul & Life in the Grave

1st February 2020 — 13:00 to 16:30

  • London Muslim Centre

Death is not the end but simply the beginning. Our soul will enter into the next stage of life called the barzakh- a place between this world & the Afterlife. The details of the life in the grave are both scary & fascinating, and shying away from learning about it is not an option for our Prophet ﷺ said “Increase the mention of the destroyer of desires: Death” [Tirmidhi]

This half-day seminar will provide vivid, detailed descriptions of the journey of the soul from death onwards in an easy-to-follow, story-format narrative. The seminar will also help attendees distinguish fact from fiction regarding the soul & learn useful habits to help protect us from the trials of the grave.

Course outcomes:

In this course we are set to learn about
1. How the soul departs from the body
2. The initial journey of the soul after death
3. The trials in the grave
4. Protecting oneself from the punishment of the grave

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