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Gaza Emergency Appeal


Gaza Emergency Appeal

Gaza Emergency Appeal


The plight of the 2 million people of Gaza is unrelenting. Now in the 11th year of a suffocating siege which continues to devastate their lives, over 80% of the population of Gaza live below the poverty line. With unemployment levels above 50% and medical infrastructure at crisis levels, the future for Gazans looks bleak.  The recent violence at the Gaza border where more than 1400 people were injured and 17 killed only adds to the unfolding tragedy.


Thanks to your support, Muslim Aid has been supporting the people of Gaza since 2006, providing emergency relief as well as delivering comprehensive programmes aimed at alleviating poverty. Our water desalination initiative aims at providing clean water, where 90% of the water is unfit for human consumption. Our work in Gaza also includes:


-          Tackling malnutrition in children

-          Providing education to the children of Gaza and refurbishing educational institutions 

-          Livelihoods programmes empowering Gazans to rebuild their lives

-          Supporting neo natal clinics across Gaza

-          Child sponsorship programme helping more than 1400 children

-          Psycho-social support for children suffering trauma

Your support can enable us to respond by helping to pay for surgical equipment, syringes, bandages, medicines as well as high nutrition food packs.    


Your donation can help save lives and ease suffering.

Call 020 7377 4200 or donate online now.

Ways you can donate (Gaza Emergency Appeal)

£60 – Emergency High Nutrition food pack

Donate £60

£100 – Urgent Medical Supplies

Donate £100

£150 – Provides clean water for a family in Gaza for an entire year

Donate £150