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Iraq Emergency Appeal

Hoda’s 11 year old boy was shot

When Muslim Aid’s evacuation team found Hoda, she was huddled in the corner of a shop with her three surviving children and her brother. None of them had eaten for a few days and they only had a tiny bit of water.  Just a few hours before the team arrived, a bomb had gone off, injuring Hoda’s face.  

Our evacuation team treated her immediately and took her to a safe place, where she told the team her sad story.  

“My husband was killed by a mortar two months ago in Al-Zinjilj in Mosul. So I tried to leave Mosul with my brother and my four children, but was not permitted.” 

Hoda told us that her 11 year old son tried to leave by himself, but was shot.  

The Muslim Aid evacuation worker said: “When we found Hoda she was in a terrible state mentally and physically. She felt totally disillusioned and emotionally unstable, she was in shock and had not slept for days. But after a few days receiving support from our team and food and water, she is now feeling a bit better.”