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Muslim Aid Blog

  • Muslim Aid Joins Hand with MAP

    Muslim Aid Joins Hand with MAP

    31st October, 2014

    Now that Ramadan has concluded, Muslims all over the world are returning to their normal daily routine. After a month of fasting, prayer and ten days of i'tikaaf, most people would welcome…

  • What’s Life like in a Syrian Refugee Camp?

    25th October, 2014

    To live life as a refugee would be testing for even the toughest of us, yet we must remember that there are 2.8 million Syrian refugees living that very life across the Syrian border, in…

  • Muslim Aid- A charity fighting inequality to help reduce poverty

    23rd October, 2014

    Inequality exists in all societies. Unfortunately, it has become one of the root causes of poverty for millions of disadvantaged people living across the globe. Victims of inequality in any…

  • Is Your Donation Going Into the Right Hands?

    15th October, 2014

    The act of charity is very noble and highly admired by Allah (SWT). It doesn’t matter which charity you choose to hand your donations to, as long as your Niyah (intention) is pure. If…

  • Important Facts about Eid-ul-Adha

    10th October, 2014

    Muslims are blessed with not one but two Eid Occasions during the Islamic year. The first one is Eid-ul-Fitr which symbolises the conclusion of the Holy Month of Ramadan. The second is…

  • The Left Hand Shouldn’t Know What The Right Is Doing

    8th October, 2014

    The left hand shouldn’t know what the right is doing. There is wisdom in this advice. It is meant to encourage people to show discretion when performing a good deed such as charity. In…

  • Canned Qurbani for Syrian Families

    3rd October, 2014

    Muslims around the world are preparing for the coming festivities, and a big part of this will be the sharing of Qurbani meat, which will be cooked for Eid and the days that follow. Having…

  • Sunnah Practice On Eid-ul-Adha

    1st October, 2014

    Eid-ul-Adha is upon us. People have already started buying sacrificial animals, ordering clothes for stitching, buying home decorations and so on. However, performing Qurbani and…