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Muslim Aid Blog

  • donate

    4 Ways to Donate with Muslim Aid

    28th September, 2017

    The very notion of giving to charity is a truly noble one and deserves much reward. Today, there are thousands of charity organisations across the globe such as Muslim Aid continuously trying…

  • child-sponsorship

    Child Sponsorship with Muslim Aid

    13th September, 2017

    It is every parent’s dream to see their child prosper and lead a fulfilled, quality life that is full of love and happiness. Unfortunately, there are millions of children out there in…

  • qurbani-quran-mosque

    The Significance of Qurbani

    5th September, 2017

    Qurbani - which means sacrifice - dates back to the sunnah of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) and his beloved son Ismail (A.S). The act of Qurbani   symbolises unconditional love and faith…