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3119 Prisoner Packs Distributed Last Year

Muslim Aid is as active locally as it is internationally when it comes to their relief aid work and development programmes. The Prisoner’s Project was an initiative taken by Muslim Aid to ensure that prisoners carrying out their sentences have something to hold on to when they are released back into life as normal citizens. We received an amazing response from our donors and passed out more than 3000 Prisoner Packs. 3119 to be exact. 

This Ramadan, we are doing it all over again and campaigning once more for the Prisoner’s Project. This year we have set ourselves an ambitious yet achievable goal of 5000 Prisoner Packs.  We are confident that our fans, followers and supporters will participate eagerly as they did last year and get involved in a good cause that not only heals wounds spiritually but also paves the way for people to become better citizens in the long run.

A Prisoner’s Pack includes some of the basic essentials of prayer. A few common items to name are the prayer rug, Tasbih, a copy of the Holy Quran, an Islamic calendar and many other important accessories. The idea is to get prisoners to establish a connection with Allah (SWT) through prayer and meditation. From the confines of a dark cell, they can reach out to the Almighty and seek repentance for the deeds that put them there. The idea is to invoke a sense of self-analysis within these people so that they can lay out a roadmap for the future when they get out. There is a sense of urgency to ensure these prisoners are not forgotten. Whatever decisions they made that led them to imprisonment, they are paying the price for it and having learnt a tough lesson, most of them would like to return to a normal when they get out.

A correspondence from donors like yourself in the form of a Prisoner Pack speaks volumes. The most important thing it says is that you have not given up on them. For a majority of the prisoners that belief is more than enough. To many, it’s worth knowing that the world has not given up on them even if they have given up on themselves. These are things that compel prisoners to work towards doing things right. It’s a second chance at living a normal life which many don’t get. It also compels them to be better Muslims. They have plenty of time to reflect and get to know the religion of Islam; what it preaches; what it warns against. The Holy Quran is a book of guidance for everyone. It has shown the way to many who have strayed from the right path.

As mentioned earlier, this Ramadan Muslim Aid has a very ambitious goal for the Prisoner’s Project. Carrying on from the success of last year, we want to ensure that the Prisoner’s Project campaign keeps achieving new milestones one after another. Help us achieve our goal. For a small donation of £10 you can get involved in changing lives that in turn would impact communities of people. Be sure to donate to the Prisoner’s Project this Ramadan.

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