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Muslim Aid Blog

  • water-charity

    Part 4: Muslim Aid‘s A-Z of Charity

    23rd November, 2017

    Part Four: T - Z In the Muslim Aid four-part A-Z Charity Special, we aim to raise awareness of just how many campaigns, causes and projects we run around the world, as well as…

  • charity

    Charity that Keeps On Giving

    21st November, 2017

    Sadaqah Jaariyah - Ongoing Charity and Reward Sadaqah Jaariyah is known as an ongoing form of charity that can benefit us both in this life and in our Hereafter. Each and every time…

  • charity-donation-winter

    Donate and Help Alleviate Winter Blues

    16th November, 2017

    Current Economic Crisis For many people around the world, living in a time of economic crisis is no mean feat. With expenses soaring through the roof, many families find that being able…

  • 8 Surprising Facts About Iraq

    8 Surprising Facts About Iraq

    14th November, 2017

    Iraq is a beautiful country with a rich history and vibrant culture, inhabited by strong, resilient people. Sadly, just a few days ago, this country was struck by a 7.3 magnitude earthquake,…

  • support-together-charity

    Part 3: Muslim Aid‘s A-Z of Charity

    7th November, 2017

    Part Three: N - S Like most charity organisations, here at Muslim Aid, our core aim and focus is to help deliver much-needed help and assistance to those who are less fortunate than…

  • Beating Winter in Syria

    Beating Winter in Syria

    26th October, 2017

    For many people around the world, the prospect of a winter chill can be quite promising after a long, hot summer. However, extreme temperatures in both directions can be much more…

  • Part 2 Muslim Aids A-Z Of Charity

    Part 2 Muslim Aids A-Z Of Charity

    19th October, 2017

    Part Two: G - M Here, at   Muslim Aid,   we strive to consistently deliver aid and provide assistance to those in need on a global level, and we need your support to do this.…

  • Helping the Homeless: The Cost of Living

    Helping the Homeless: The Cost of Living

    17th October, 2017

    It is undeniable that the cost of living in recent years has skyrocketed. The prices of the most commonplace everyday items as well as expensive luxury items have gradually crept up, pricing…

  • Call of Duty

    Call of Duty

    12th October, 2017

    From the day we are born, our parents and elders are there to actively help and support us become the adults that we have flourished into today. Whether this support comes from our parents,…

  • Part 1 Muslim Aids A-Z of charity

    Part 1 Muslim Aids A-Z of charity

    5th October, 2017

    Part One: A - F Here at  Muslim Aid , we like to have all of our bases covered, and we aim to do our best to deliver support wherever we can. Our primary focus is to serve all of…