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A long journey to safety

Europe is facing one of the worst refugee crisis since the Second World War. More than half a million people are escaping terror, conflict, violence and persecution and looking for sanctuary in Europe. The ordeal to get to Europe for hundreds and thousands of refugees is terrifying and exhausting. Many come by road, boat, and even walk, exposing themselves to danger and ill health along the way. Our corporate and emerging markets manager, Salman Mujtaba met with refugees living in camps and shelters in Sweden. Commenting on the situation he said: “The crisis is serious and the international humanitarian sector needs to rally together to help these refugees desperate for healthcare, shelter, food and water. Imagine loosing everything you once knew and called home to start all over again with no certainty. It’s frightening. This is the plight of most here.

One family from Afghanistan shared their story with Salman. Fleeing conflict, they travelled from Afghanistan to Sweden by making the gruelling and often dangerous journey to safety. The family travelled by road to Iraq. From there they made the dangerous journey to come by bus and boat to Europe. Once they reached Hungary they walked and took buses to get to Sweden. The children were weak and had blisters on their feet. The father remarked: “I’m excited to be in Sweden. My family are safe and there is no immediate danger or threat to us. It is a relief. I feel secure and welcome by the people of Sweden and I cannot wait to start a new life here.” Salaman noted that despite the horrific conditions they endured along the way the two little girls from the family, aged nine and ten were positive and resilient: “We are so happy to be here. Now I can go to school and become a doctor. I do miss Afghanistan, but it is difficult to live there with no schools and we don’t feel safe.”

For those who have made the journey, their ordeal is not over. They need  food, shelter and adequate healthcare. Please show your support and help us to assist Europe’s refugees now.

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