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A Tiny Ray of Light At the End of the Tunnel

The Syria crisis has been going on for almost three years, with no signs of slowing down, until recently. After years of bloodshed, chaos and turmoil, there is renewed hope, albeit small, that this ugly chapter in the history of Syria will finally come to an end. Latest news from within Syria’s political faction confirms that Syria’s current leadership has accepted the offer to hold peace talks in the immediate future. This is great news for Syrian citizens, especially the two million citizens who are living in refugee camps in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey.

The high profile meeting will take place early next year in Geneva. The date has been set to January 22, 2014. Bashar Al-Assad’s regime will send a delegation to officially take part in the negotiations for securing Syria’s future. The rebel factions will also send a representative. Of the other nations expected to be at the event, Britain and France are touted as those most likely to attend and officiate things as well as Russia, which has been a huge supporter of the Assad regime. Britain and France however have had their difference with the regime. The ministry was quick to set the record straight and quash any rumours.

In a statement released on Wednesday (27th Nov) Syria’s Foreign Ministry stated, “We are going to Geneva to meet with those who support a political solution to Syria’s Future. We are not going over there to hand over power.”

There are stern words from a government in power but this step marks the first time both sides have agreed to meet and discuss matters. It is unfortunate that it took almost 3 years to get to this point. So much damage has been done. So many innocent lives lost. So many people’s lives have been impacted and altered by the chain of events in Syria. While some are still viewing the news with scepticism, people like Ahmed have already started counting the days leading up to this historical meeting. We will not disclose the full name for anonymity purposes. Ahmed is a Syrian refugee currently living in the Zataari Refugee Camp located on the Jordanian border to Syria. He arrived here with his wife and two daughters almost two years ago.

“Every day I wake up hoping to hear news that it’s all over and we can go home. We never would have imagined a refugee life for our children. But it is the reality we must accept and face together as a family.”

All eyes will be on fixed on Geneva next year. Syrians all around the world are hoping for a miracle and an end to this dark chapter in Syrian history. Until then, organisations will Muslim Aid will continue to assist the Syrian people both inside Syria and those on the border by providing them with food rations, shelter, clothing, warm blankets and medicine. Our Syria Relief Aid Campaign is still ongoing and will continue to do so until the last Syrian refugee is safely back home.

For more information on how to donate, browse our website and donate to the Syria Relief Aid Campaign.

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