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 There is a certain satisfaction in being actively involved in helping others; be it on the ground, on the phones taking calls, donating, fundraising or partaking in events and engaging with other supporters.

So many of us state that if we had one wish, we would wish for world peace and to rid the world of poverty. Well, it’s time to open our eyes because we do have the advantage of that option, right in front of us. How many of us are reading this and thinking “I’m just one person, it won’t make much of a difference, it’s like a drop in the ocean” … Right?

Wrong. With world population currently somewhere around 7.4 billion, if every single person who read this donated their time or funds, the world would be rid of poverty pretty fast.

But this is also our test from Allah SWT, to see how our good fortune tests our character.

This Ramadan, spare a thought for the thousands out there who do not have the luxury or privilege of a delicious warm meal awaiting them at iftar (evening meal), with which to break their fast with.

The annual Ramadan campaign is Muslim Aid’s busiest time of year, and one of the most exciting, too!

With the help of our supporters, last year, Muslim Aid was able to focus on many projects involving feeding the fasting, providing emergency aid, supporting children and orphans, and even bringing smiles to children’s faces by distributing Eid gifts.

This is all down to your ongoing support, donations and time. So let’s make for another successful year of giving this Ramadan and aim to grab each opportunity for reward, wherever we can.

Let’s unite, and aim to help as many people as we possibly can. Furthermore, let’s continue this beyond the month Ramadan; although the rewards for giving to those in need in this blessed month are multiplied, it is also important to continue the blessings. Doing good will only lead to more good.

So whether you opt for volunteering your time to support those in need, sharing your wealth, or rolling up your sleeves and initiating your own fundraiser in an active attempt to rid the world of poverty; join Muslim Aid and be the change you wish to see in the world today.

Serving humanity; there’s no time like the present.

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