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Aid For Desperate Myanmar Citizens

Muslims in Myanmar have been living in turmoil for quite some time and every month the situation gets worse. In January of this year, 48 Myanmar Muslims lost their lives in a savage attack. No progress has been made on that case to this day. Many people have fled, many more are on the verge and so many can’t; Myanmar is all they’ve got. 

Everything that they used to own is now gone, taken from them. They have become deserters and refugees overnight. It’s a humanitarian crisis, the worse of its kind with no progress or solution anywhere in sight. The people of Myanmar look towards the rest of the world for a peaceful solution; they look for to the future with hope; hope that someone would come to their rescue and something would be done to end the bloodshed.

However, there is a lot that needs to be done to make that happen.

Muslim Aid Myanmar Campaign

Muslim Aid is working tirelessly with all parties involved to deliver aid on the ground to the people of Myanmar. We are also assisting those who are fortunate enough to relocate to a different country. Our goal is to provide food, water, clothes and shelter to those who have been displaced by the crisis. We are also working to ensure the basic necessities of life are provided such as running water, medicine, as well as education for the children. From the generous donations we received from people all around the world, Muslim Aid has been able to offer help and relief to the people of Myanmar.

Ideally everyone would want to see the Myanmar tragedy come to an end, people’s livelihood be restored and everyone be allowed back home provided the bloodshed stops. As of writing of this post, no solution or even hint of a solution has to come light. Meaning the people who are affected by this tragedy will have to continue waiting. However, they will not stand alone. Muslim Aid will be with them, helping them in whatever capacity we can. There is a considerable amount of work that still needs to be done to get these people out of poverty and back on their feet.

As Muslims, it is our noble duty to come to the aid of our brothers and sisters, to assist in whatever way can to strengthen the Muslim Ummah and participate in endeavours that make the world a better place for all human beings. Pledge your donation for Myanmar. Participate in Muslim Aid’s Myanmar campaign. Your donations will ensure that their sufferings come to an end and that they get proper food, clothing and medicine to survive. Even the smallest of donations can make the biggest difference. What you donate today can have significant impact for a displaced Myanmar family tomorrow.

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