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Aid for Traumatised Syrian Children

Psychological trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in Syria is increasing day by day. There is good reason why the United Nations has branded Syria’s crisis, the worst humanitarian crisis since Rwanda. Many organizations worldwide such as Muslim Aid have reached out for help, however most of their charity work revolves around providing aid, food, medicine, clothing and the other basic necessities of life. There are other aspects of aid they need as well, especially when it comes to psychological healing and coming to terms with the crisis they have endured.

In such dire times, the people of Syria find themselves with too much on their plate. Numerous diseases are spreading throughout Syria due to several reasons. Lack of clean water and clothing, and an abundance of polluted atmosphere and hostile environment is severely impacting them psychologically. Relief aid camps are flooding to this day and now resemble fully fledged cities rather than camps. Take the Zaatari camp in Jordan. With more than 80,000 refugees, it is now the 3rd most populated region in the country. Thus, the importance of providing sufficient aid to Syrians is crucial for the charities that work for the wellbeing of disaster-struck people all around the world.

As is all too common and unfortunate with war torn regions, children bear the brunt of the suffering. Having lost so much so suddenly in a span of days, they are left with more questions than answers. Their entire world has shifted upside down. They are not going to school. Instead they find themselves crammed into a makeshift overpopulated school in a refugee camp. And those are the lucky ones that have access to a school or a refugee camp. Millions of families have been displaced, which creates emotional and psychological stress. Click here for more informatuion on how you can donate to, or sponsor a child.

So how can the situation of Syrian refugees be stabilised? It’s been three years for the Syria crisis and to this day, there have been no signs of any improvement. While politics plays itself out, it is our moral obligation to provide for the Syrian people. How are we going to do this? The answer is simple; through your help. There are countless charities working all around the world for the betterment of Syrian lives.

Muslim Aid initiated the Syria Relief Aid Campaign three years ago, in order to kick start relief work in that region. Over the years we have accomplished many great things with the generous donations from our viewers and followers. This needs to continue if relief aid work is to reach Syria. It is the donations of generous people like yourself, that make it possible for a child in Syria to eat on a daily basis. It is your very donations that help team Muslim Aid and other aid teams to provide medical and psychological attention to the Syrians, who have been struck by one disaster after another.

So the only way to ensure that Syrian refugees live a better and healthier life, is to keep making more donations to help Syria, in order to aid our Syrian brothers and sisters get through the toughest time of their lives witht he help of

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