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Angelina Jolie Visits Syrian Refugees

Recently, Hollywood movie star and celebrity Angelina Jolie dropped in for a visit at Zataari Refugee Camp in Jordan.

Ms. Jolie who is also the Special Envoy to the UN Refugee Agency was visiting the region as part of a relief effort to access the situation on the ground when it comes to relief aid work and assisting refugees. She arrived in Jordan just recently on a short trip and made the most of it by mingling with the crowd right away. She met with refugees including some of the newly arrived ones to get a first-hand account of what the situation was inside Syria, how they had managed to escape and what ordeals people left behind were suffering.

Angelina called the Syrian war, the world’s most acute humanitarian crisis and called upon leaders from around the world including the Middle East and United States to make diplomatic efforts to see to its end as needless people were suffering. She also had a message for people who are not politicians, particularly women.

“It’s impossible to imagine any mother standing by and not stepping up and doing something.” She said. A majority of the refugees in the camp are women, almost half of them under the age of 20, all of whom have fled Syria with nothing but the clothes on their backs and a handful of belongings.

But that wasn’t all. The high profile celebrity also made a donation of US$ 50,000 to help UNHCR provide emergency shelter for refugee families. The Zataari camp has a population in excess of 130,000 people. It has expanded beyond its walls and resembles an extremely large city rather than a refugee camp, making it the 4th largest city in Jordan population wise.

The ongoing Syrian crisis seems to be never ending. It’s been almost three years since the crisis first broke through and to this date there are no concrete signs that it is headed towards a conclusion. All the while, Syrian refugees are piling up and crossing over the Jordanian, Lebanese, Turkish and Iraqi borders and living as refugees. Muslim Aid has been on the ground providing humanitarian relief in the neighbouring countries that surround Syria. We have made some significant breakthroughs in ensuring aid gets to the intended recipient not just in refugee camps but also to people on the other side of the border within Syria. Visit the Muslim Aid website today and make a donation for Syria refugees through Muslim Aid’s Syria Relief Aid Campaign

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