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Bosnia Floods Emergency Appeal

Bosnia has been struck with severe weather conditions and its devastating aftereffects; the country has experienced mass flooding caused by more than just anticipated rainfall and countless landsides have hit in the Northern and Central Bosnia region. 

The recent flooding situation has reached a state of emergency; many lives have been lost and tens of thousands have had to evacuate to safer ground. A large portion of the affected area is without power, drinking water and have very little food supplies. In addition, the nation’s largest power plant is at risk of being hit by the floods which could lead to more blackouts and power troubles. The situation is dire and calls for an immediate response.

Appeal for Bosnia

Muslim Aid was one of the first relief aid and development organisations to initiate a campaign designed to help support the victims of this natural disaster. We initiated the Bosnia Floods Emergency Appeal in order to gather support, financial or other, that would help the people who are suffering as a result.

Currently, one of the largest relief efforts is underway in Bosnia as we prepare for the worst; with steady rain continuing to pour down in the region, more landslides are expected, resulting in greater damage. However, there is another huge cause for concerns; land mines.

At the moment, it is thought that there are almost 120,000 unexploded land mines scattered around the region. Should the flooding and landslides continue, the sudden shift may cause the mines to topple, leading to massive explosions. These explosions could act as a catalyst for more landslides to strike and may seriously hamper relief aid work. The scores of people who have been affected by this turmoil are running out of supplies with each passing day and there is urgency for aid supplies to reach them quickly.

Muslim Aid has created this page to help collect donations for the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We urge everyone to donate generously for this cause. Your donations will go towards rebuilding lives and improving the dire situation in Bosnia. Thousands are without power, food and drinking water, so make a donation today and change the life of someone less fortunate.

Here at Muslim Aid, we direct our focus at helping those in need of supplies and relief aid. We want to offer you the chance to help someone less fortunate rebuild their life and society and using your donation we will continue to support this good cause. We have a number of emergency causes and on-going campaigns that you can donate to; they can be found here. We urge people to donate generously and help us in our quest to provide the upmost support to those who need it. For more information on how you can help, please get in touch today through our website. 

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