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Charity Giving - The Difference Between Hope and Poverty

We can't escape it

In this not-so-perfect world we're living in – where we're constantly faced with images of those poor suffering people all over the world – regardless of whether the media attention is on the television, in the newspaper or on social media, we cannot escape it.

Many of you will feel deep sorrow, hurt and anger, and for that split second you will catch yourself wishing that you could take away their pain; you feel despair in knowing there is nothing you can do to stop their poverty.

Well, just a simple act of charity giving can totally transform the life of an individual, and if our efforts are amalgamated together, they can change the lives of many.

Their poverty is indeed deep-seated and widespread, but even the smallest of donations can be the most powerful weapon in accomplishing this positive change in their lives.

It's just a simple act

A simple act of generosity from individuals can be pooled together to help provide effective healthcare and fight diseases, to allow children to go to school and get an education, or to provide shelter and combat malnutrition.

Not only can giving to charity revolutionise the lives of the poor and needy, but it can also make you feel happier in knowing that you are fulfilling your duty to those in need.

Stay humble and share your wealth

As well as the evident blessings of those on the receiving end of your charity, giving keeps you humble in knowing that Allah SWT wishes for us to share our wealth with those in need, and it allows you stay humble before Allah (SWT).

The prophet of Allah (PBUH) has said “help the poor, because the help and sustenance Allah grants you is through them”


Striving to help the poor

Here at Muslim Aid, we work in over 70 countries across Africa, Asia and Europe. Muslim Aid strives to help the poor overcome the suffering endured by natural disasters and a lack of life's basic necessities.

In Islam, charity is an undeniable cornerstone of faith, with zakat being one of the five central Pillars of Islam.

Zakat is a compulsory tax due on adult Muslims’ wealth every year, which in return is dedicated to supporting the poor and needy.

Sharing is caring

So if you want to fulfil your obligations and be part of delivering humanitarian aid, and at the same time teach your children that sharing wealth never decreases it, only increases it, please give to charity. Without your support, transforming the lives of the poor and needy is not possible.

Giving not only lets us work towards creating a better world, one that is safer, healthier, and more stable; it creates a world that is happier for all of us.

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