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Child Sponsorship on World Population Day

Every year, the global population is growing as more babies are born and advances in medicine and technology mean our older generations are able to live longer. While this may sound like a good thing, the booming population means that an increased strain is being placed on resources around the world. From food and water to shelter and housing, we simply don’t have a never-ending supply of resources. One day, these natural resources will be gone and our ever-inflating global population will run out of space to expand.

But what can you do to help?

Child sponsorship can help to educate vulnerable young people in need around the world, improving their awareness of wider global issues and informing them about the necessity of change.

World Population Day

World Population Day, on 11th July every year, was set up with the aim of doing just this. World Population Day is there to serve as a much-needed reminder that our current global rate of population growth is massively unsustainable in the mid to long term. We already experience issues associated with the logistics of meeting the demands of this growing population, ranging from a lack of resources to a shortage of space - resulting in our cities expanding and encroaching upon the slim pockets of natural beauty and unspoilt countryside we have yet to urbanise.

The simple fact of the matter is this – things will only get worse if we sit back and do nothing to help.

Raising awareness and being conscious of your own impact on the planet are two of the best ways to start. Although each individual may only be a tiny fragment of the 7.5 billion strong global population, if we all work together to facilitate change, we may just be able to make a real difference.

Doing Our Bit

Here at Muslim Aid, we are committed to doing our bit to help. Through working to reduce the impacts of poverty in less fortunate countries and parts of the world, we are aiming to encourage the education of those in need and working to lift them out of poverty. Another way we help is through providing urgent access to essential medical supplies, a must for expectant mothers and young children.

On an individual level, your generous support enables us to keep working towards our goals, helping as many vulnerable people as we can. Child sponsorship allows us to reach young children who are desperately in need of our assistance. These children can then be given vital supplies, like food, water, shelter and clothing, as well as access to an education. Children are our future; it is our duty to provide them with as strong a start to life as possible.

We are all part of an ever-expanding world – if we want to make a stable, bright future for ourselves, it is essential to create a bright future for us all. 

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